2 in 1 smart eye care

Infrared eye massager:
electrical, somatosensory, thermal
including tube

Item number: E-Tube

Material: PE / aluminum alloy
MOQ: 3000 pieces

6000 high frequency vibrations per minute

The high frequency vibration soothes the skin around the eyes, effectively removes wrinkles and slows down the aging process.

Heat function

The 42°C constant temperature promotes the absorption of the product and improves the care effect.

Infrared radiation

The unique ring-shaped red light band treats dark circles, relieves eye fatigue and brightens skin tone.

Massage rollers

The fine raised areas of the diamond-cut surface stimulate blood circulation around the eyes and activate the deep cells.


After the care product has been emptied, the massager can continue to be used with another suitable tube.

Environmentally friendly

No battery necessary! The device can be easily charged using the USB charging port.