double-walled tube

Tube for the perfect combination of two products

Item No.: HX-001-01
The Material: PET (Food suitable quality)

A & B tubes 10 - 15ml, total. 20-30ml
A & B tubes 15 - 25ml, total. 30-50ml
A & B tubes 30 - 60ml, total. 60-120ml
A & B tubes 50 - 100ml, total. 100-200ml

Color as desired
MOQ: 10,000 pieces

# Highlight

Unlike normal tubes, the double-walled tube has two tubes, one inside the other. The special tube can therefore be filled with two different creams or gels.

When extruding, the two creams/gels come out at the same time and mix together. When not in use, the creams/gels are stored separately.

Do your product A and product B lead to unwanted chemical reactions when stored for a long time? No worries, the double-walled tube ensures the chemical stability of both products! This gives you many more options when selecting ingredients.