Hand spa, anytime, anywhere!

intensive hand mask (final product with care serum)

Effective against skin problems on the hands

Fine lines and small wrinkles, dry and processed hands, dark discolored wrists, do these skin problems affect your hands?
If your hands require an extra dose of care, the intensive hand masks are just the thing!

Application & Flexibility

Leak-proof and easy to use ensure flexibility.
Tape the tape tightly so that the serum stays inside the masks and doesn't leak out.
The hand mask is suitable for anytime and anywhere, whether on the go or at home, whether bathing or working on the computer, without preventing your other activities from happening. Meanwhile, you can also quickly touch the smartphone screen.

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Zustimmen & anzeigen

Would you like to enjoy your spa time even better?

No issue! Simply peel off the fingertip of the mask and apply your favorite nail polish!


We offer hand masks with different recipes and a variety of care effects.

Avocadoöl + Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Anti-aging, revitalizing, stimulating

Rose Damascena + Collagen

Anti-aging, revitalizing, stimulating

Coconut oil + avocado oil

Moisturizing, nourishing, nourishing

Aloe Vera + Nut kernel beer

Moisturizing, nourishing, nourishing


The packaging bag can be labeled as you wish.
MOQ: 5,000 pieces per recipe