Paper fabric
Cosmetic bag

The material resembles the look and feel of paper, with many specialties still to be presented.

Shape: as desired
Size: as desired
Color: as desired
MOQ: 3000 pieces

# Highlight

As with paper, most traditional and digital printing techniques, including UV, screen printing and letterpress printing, can be used on this fabric.

# Sustainability

Paper fabric can not only be used for numerous applications, but is also 100% reusable.

# Nachhaltigkeit

Papier-Stoff lässt sich nicht nur für zahlreiche Anwendungen einsetzen, ist sondern auch zu 100 % wiederverwendbar. 


Because it does not require any binder, it has tiny holes that make it permeable to water vapor while preventing water and other liquids from penetrating.

#Tensile strenght

It is a non-woven fabric. To provide superior tear and puncture resistance as well as durable, long-lasting protection, the fibers of the material have been randomly layered and compressed.