Reusable anti-wrinkle silicone pads

Our face and neck are constantly in motion. In addition, the skin loses elasticity and moisture over time. Sun damage, city pollution and natural aging also leave their mark and contribute to the formation of wrinkles.
The anti-wrinkle silicone pads now help to fantastically “iron out” existing wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles from forming!

Product forms:

different shapes to choose from, designed for different parts of the face. Like for example:

Eye pads against bags under the eyes

Eye pads against crow's feet

Smile Pads against nasolabial folds

Anti-Stirnfalten Pad

Mechanism of action of the anti-wrinkle pads

1. Soothe skin and smooth wrinkles

The skin slowly loses its elasticity with constant movement, e.g. with different facial expressions and when sleeping on the side. The anti-wrinkle pads soothe and keep the skin smooth as it moves, so that existing wrinkles are smoothed out and wrinkle formation is prevented.

2. Reduce water loss and maintain moisture

Cold and heated air remove moisture from the skin. The pads sit nicely on the skin to slow evaporation/loss of water from the skin. This means that the pads keep moisture in the skin, while guaranteeing the best air permeability of the pads thanks to the medical silicone.

3. Improve active ingredient absorption

The pads promote the absorption of the active ingredients through the skin. Thanks to the pads, sufficient skin moisture is maintained, which improves the skin's absorption capacity. In addition, the evaporation of the care products is reduced thanks to the pads, which ensures the skin has enough time for absorption.


# Safe material

Made of medical grade silicone, no additives, safe, comfortable and skin-friendly. Suitable for all skin types.

# instant result

After the first application, the skin is supple and the wrinkles are improved. For optimal results, we recommend wearing the anti-wrinkle pads overnight.

# Simple application

Easy to use and easy to clean. Cleaning is easily done under lukewarm water.

# Reusable

We build a life in harmony with the environment and sustainability. The silicone pads can be used repeatedly many times if used properly.


Step 1: Clean the application area thoroughly. Apply serum to cleansed area.

Step 2: Take the pad out of the packaging can and remove the protective film. Apply the pad with the adhesive side to the skin and leave it on for at least 4-6 hours daily (including at night).

Step 3: After use, clean the pad under running lukewarm water

Step 4: After drying and storing in the packaging can.

Packaging solutions

Packaging including a folding box and a storage box can be designed and manufactured as desired.

Plastic container (PS) with folding box

Tin can with folding box

Colors & Printing

regular color: colorless transparent; Other colors are also possible according to your wishes.

Pads can be printed according to your wishes.

MOQ: 3,000 pieces/pair per mold