Advent calendar time, are you ready?

Have you already arranged the Advent calendar project for this year? Do you need an extraordinary innovation?
Today we introduce you to our fantastic and artistic Advent calendar!

# Highlight

Large but comfortable and easy to wear!

Two satin ribbons were used on the band. On the one hand, the Advent calendar is nicely protected, but on the other hand, you can easily carry the Advent calendar with one hand as a “handbag”. Stylish, safe and practical!

The Advent calendar is a piece of jewelry.

With high-quality cloisonné and embossed finishes, the peacock appears three-dimensional and elegant.
Cloisonné is originally a high-quality artisan technique for enamel work. Our master innovatively combined this technique with paper printing technologies and also brought this beauty onto paper.

The special hexagonal shape is an eye-catcher.

What will the hexagon evoke for you? A sweet beehive or the crystal clear snowflakes? Among the traditional rectangular elements, the hexagon is undoubtedly a bright existence that effectively avoids visual monotony, making the entire structure appear more multi-layered and creating an atmosphere.

Reusable, that means sustainable!

The 24 doors can be closed again - this makes the Advent calendar sustainable. Because you can keep the sturdy box after Christmas to store other items instead of throwing it away. We always do something good for our planet!

What is the “Cloisonné” finish?

The cloisonné finish on the peacock crown and feathers shines like gold in the sun. Please take a closer look at the high-quality golden elements: Compared to traditional hot foil stamping, the elements appear much more plastic, smooth, ground and polished.

Originally, cloisonné is an old artistic process for designing the surfaces of metal products. In the broadest sense, cloisonné is part of the art of enamel and can therefore also be described as an enamel with solid outlines. Thin wires or extremely thinly rolled metal strips are soldered onto metal support surfaces (often copper, but also precious metals) and form partition walls (French cloison).

After long studies, our R&D department was able to innovatively combine this high-quality technology with paper printing technologies so that this shiny beauty can also be seen on paper.

Did our exclusive Advent calendar inspire you to create an individual, attractive work of art? Would you like to start with the Advent calendar right away? Don't let time pass and please contact us directly!