We specialize in professional packaging solutions for cosmetics, consumer electronics, luxury goods, and the retail industry. 


Decades of expertise in packaging ensures the delivery of top-quality packaging solutions.


We operate with exceptional flexibility and swift response to address all inquiries related to processing, providing proficient service.


We guide you from your initial inquiry to the final product, offering comprehensive advice along every step of the way.


  • Developing a plan for your project/your desires 
  • Creation of a non-binding quotation
  • Completion of the sample 


  • Production upon approval of the final design/sample
  • Secure transportation of your goods
  • Incoming goods inspection at our warehouse


  • Delivery is free of charge.
  • Possible storage of your goods, if you require

Our Customers

On our customer list you will find the most renowned cosmetics companies as well as top companies from a wide range of industries.