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  • customized concept structure
  • completion of the sample 
  • production
  • international shipping logistic
  • assembly
  • storage, if required

Jean Poivres

Reminiscence of the great era

Jean Poivres is a luxury perfume brand that collides not only with the classic but also with the modern. It took over a year from the initial concept of the packaging to the final product.

The glass robe is as innovative as Jean Poivre's fragrance creations. With its timeless, elegant cut, the bottle is reminiscent of the precious crystal vessels that were used in upper-class French families at the end of the 18th century.

We have offered the comprehensive unique brand image matching packaging, which includes the bottle, luxury magnetic box, wooden display, paper carry bag and brochure etc.

Gift box - alveus

Alveus does not see tea as a mass-produced product, but rather as a treasure from nature. Touching the black kraft paper that was used as suit paper and inlay for the gift boxes, we think of the fresh nature, which is consistent with Alveu's style. The logo on the inside of the box was hot foil stamped in black, elegant and modest.

Cosmetic Sets - EVYA

The high-quality black paper with real leather grain, the inlay made of EVA fabric and the logo on the metal sign give the gift box an elegant and classic impression. The packaging of the products uses the technologies of hot foil stamping in silver and blind stamping. The identical style of the boxes and the bottles create the elegance.

Beauty Bundle - Beauté Omar

Beauté Omar is the effective cosmetics that is specifically aimed at the needs of the skin after medical procedures. The silver paper box and the silver dispensers express the professionalism and high-tech of Beauté Omar.

Mascara Tube - GW Cosmetics

GW Cosmetic is so popular among young people. The colorful appearance gives us a lively impression. The middle version has a chic and modern color thanks to the color gradient using electroplating technology. The other two used hot foil stamping technology in gold and red.


From folding boxes to tubes to pipette bottles, all have bright and fresh colors, which creates a vibrant impression.


Advent calendar 2021

The Advent calendar can be wrapped into a hexagonal roll. When you open it, you will find the 24 products in windows on the inside. We started with the customer's initial idea of the external appearance, designed the inlay, adjusted the size based on the customer's products and finally landed on the special Advent calendar. We also carried out the assembly.

Dresdner Essenz

Advent calendar 2021

Classic shape and beautifully colorful colors make the Advent calendar festive and attractive. The particularly difficult task in production was the large area with hot foil stamping in gold. Thanks to many years of know-how and the pursuit of perfection, the problem was successfully solved. It shines like gold in the middle!


Advent calendar 2020

The 24 boxes will be used to build a "wall" of beauty and surprise! The design and sizing were carried out extensively by our team. The special thing is: Since the 24 products weigh different, we have divided the Advent calendar into four compartments to consolidate and support the paper divider.


Gift box

The customer came to us with an idea that the box should have both purposes - packaging and presentation - at the same time. How can this be achieved on a technical level? We can do this with our professional know-how! That is not all! Each tea bag has its own place and they are all neatly placed in the box. Touching the black paper brings to mind the fresh nature, which corresponds to the brand image.

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