rebo Bamboo

Bamboo packaging doesn’t have to look like bamboo! 

rebo Bamboo

Airlesss dispenser 15 ML | 30 ML | 50 ML 

with refill container made of PCR

rebo Bamboo

jar 50 ML

Processing technique:

Screen printing
Laser engraving 

Our team is committed to merging modernity with tradition. We strive to preserve the traditional crafts- manship of bamboo products while promoting their development and innovation.

This new premium cosmetic packaging is crafted from bamboo, offering both durability and protection for your products. With its natural and exotic appeal, the bamboo dispenser adds a touch of elegance. We have combined sustainability with the refill concept, ensuring a responsible packaging solution. 

Our bamboo packaging doesn’t have to resemble traditional bamboo. Thanks to our partner’s advanced processing technology, the dispenser can be customized to meet your unique preferences. Through a full-surface coating, the bamboo dispenser can resemble high-quality plastic packaging, with a smooth and refined finish in your desired color. It’s only upon touch that one realizes it’s actually bamboo! 

The bamboo airless dispenser goes beyond being just a packaging bottle. It can also be a personalized gift. Customers have the option to have their name or a custom message engraved on the dispenser, adding a delightful element of surprise. This personalization not only delights customers but also encourages them to continue purchasing your refill products. It fosters customer loyalty and ensures repeat purchases, bringing joy to both you and your customers.