rebo Glass

Thanks to its infinite recyclability, glass stands out as one of the most eco-conscious materials in the cosmetics industry, and the PCR refill insert further enhances its environmental friendliness.

rebo Glass 

Airlesss dispenser 15 ML | 30 ML | 50 ML 

with refill container made of PCR

Rebo from PureVersion Glass combines traditional handcrafted glass production techniques with modern technologies.

rebo Glass 


dispenser  15 ML | 30 ML | 50 ML 

with refill container made of PureVersion glass

crystal clear &  even more radiant

The high-quality crystal-clear PureVersion glass is significantly clearer and shinier than conventional glass, making your products even more eye-catching.

Environmentally friendly

Glass is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic due to its complete recyclability and endless reusability. Unlike plastic, glass does not contain toxic chemicals or contribute to water, soil, and air pollution. It is composed of molten, cooled, and solidified amorphous inorganic silicate, resembling natural land minerals found in the environment. 


Glass possesses exceptional durability and resistance to moisture, air, and other environmental factors. It effectively prevents the evaporation of volatile components in the con- tent. Additionally, glass is highly hygienic as it does not re- lease chemicals, absorb odors or flavors, and can be easily cleaned. 


Glass is a hard, resilient material that does not discolor, scratch, or fade. That‘s why our team has designed the Glass Airless dispenser with a refill system.


Glass provides a premium aesthetic appeal compared to plastic. It offers versatility in terms of size and color options, allowing you to perfectly customize the appearance of your packaging and align it with your brand’s identity.