rebo Paper

We are always working on different projects - mostly to achieve the most fitting for our customers. However, we also experiment with completely new concepts and ideas.

rebo Paper

An amalgamation of environmental protection, impactful presentation and functionality.

rebo airless dispensers

#round shape #Refillable #Monomaterial

rebo airless dispensers & Jar

#Square shape

Respond: As consumers become more conscious of the environmental impact of their consumption habits, there is a growing movement towards reducing plastic waste. In response to this trend, our team is dedicated to creating products that are fairer, more resourceefficient, and more natural. This commitment has become an inherent part of our philosophy. 

Reduce: Our team is committed to minimizing the use of plastic in our packaging. We prioritize avoiding unnecessary packaging and consistently opt for resource-efficient materials, such as eco-friendly glass, as well as sustainable options like paper or bamboo. These practices are crucial to achieving our goal of sustainability and success. 

Recycle: Only the refillable component of the rebo series is made from plastic for reasons of hygiene and stability. However, we ensure that these components are produced using 100% recycled materials, specifically PCR plastic. It is important to note that all rebo packaging is 100% recyclable, supporting our commitment to sustainability. 

Refill: The rebo products have been thoughtfully designed as a refill system. The concept of interchangeable inner containers and reusable outer packaging serves a meaningful purpose, aiming to minimize packaging waste and contribute to environmental protection. 

The lid and the outer container are made of paper, which is biodegradable and therefore does not pollute the environment. 

Whether you prefer a crisp, luxurious, matte, glossy, monochromatic, or vibrant design, rebo Paper airless dispensers bring your creative ideas to life effortlessly.

rebo Paper jar 50ml

70% made of paper
30% from PCR PP

rebo Paper Make-up

rebo eyelash tube

Shape: standard
Size: 6ml

rebo Powder palette

100% made of paper
Size: according to your individual wishes

rebo Lipstick tube

Shape: standard
Size: 3g

rebo Tube

Shape: standard
Size: 30ml | 50ml | 100ml