rebo Porcelain

The art that radiates through millennia

rebo Porcelain

Airlesss dispenser 15 ML | 30 ML | 50 ML 

with refill container made of PCR

We proudly present our innovative product, the rebo Porcelain Airless Dispenser. Immerse yourself in the world of porcelain and experience the smooth gliding, radiant luster, and sublime elegance of this noble material at any time.


Porcelain captivates with its unparalleled aesthetics and captivating tactile sensation. The moment one touches porcelain, they are greeted by its exceptional smoothness, refreshing coolness, and delicate nature, evoking a feeling of utmost refinement and exclusivity. This elevates the product’s quality and visual allure to new heights. 


Its exceptional durability and resistance to wear, enable porcelain product to withstand the test of time and frequent use. This remarkable resilience ensures that porcelain products are less susceptible to being discarded, thereby reducing the need for dispos- able packaging materials. 


Porcelain is a recyclable material. A prevalent approach to recycle porcelain waste involves its utilization as a substitute for natural rock materials. This field of research has already yielded fruitful out- comes in commercial productions. Moreover, recycled porcelain materials can be employed in the production of recyclable porcelain products, further enhancing sustainability. 


The remarkable chemical resistance of porcelain containers ensures that they remain unaffected by the chemical components found in food or cosmetics. They neither release harmful substances nor compromise the taste of the contents. Additionally, the opaque nature of porcelain containers offers enhanced protection for light-sensitive products, safeguarding their integrity. 

artistically gorgeous, surpasses the magnificence of peonies